"Do not give in."

hello, my name is bun.

i enjoy images of a blue haired twink being confused over his sexuality for five suitors. this also applies to personified countries.

lemme tell you though, my love for video games is stronger than the sweat on equius' balls.

the power of voice
aoba seragaki

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🌸 geo, chem & bio in der schule 🌸


🌸 geo, chem & bio in der schule 🌸

Artist: she
Album: Electric Girl
Song: Headshot
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2010の春 (by naotakyu)

2010の春 (by naotakyu)

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i swear im trying to finish this ref sheet


also tries at dmmd style a little more cause yeah why the heck not


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What Aoba figure are you talking about? Because I preordered the Aoba nendoroid and I'm kind of curious...

The Nenodoroid comes with the Ren accessory,

the full-size Aoba figurine does not, since they are re-sales! It is possible to find the Ren keychain for the full-size figurine, but it is going to be a bit more costly.

(I got your other message, but this is just information for others who are interested!)